Vindicate [verb]

Definition of Vindicate:

prove one's innocence

Synonyms of Vindicate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vindicate:

Sentence/Example of Vindicate:

But we are disposed to vindicate the propriety of the step he took.

I was not solicitous to vindicate him when I was not joined in their reflection.

If he should appear in mine, I know how to chastise him, and to vindicate my own honour.

The Government must vindicate the law, no matter at what cost.

The worth of the thing signified must vindicate our taste for the emblem.

His one desire was to vindicate himself in the cold eyes of the man before him.

The house itself was not likely to vindicate the claim the locality denied.

I am impelled by no fanatical zeal, and have no creed or cult of my own to vindicate.

I come,' will I say, 'to vindicate the fair fame of one who once owned your affection.

Will it vindicate your memory, uphold your fame, and dignify your motives?