Alibi [noun]

Definition of Alibi:

defense against charges of wrongdoing; evidence of absence

Synonyms of Alibi:

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Sentence/Example of Alibi:

In 1824, then a judge at Alencon, he helped render an alibi decision in favor of Victurnien d'Esgrignon, who really was guilty.

That profound thinker, Mr Tony Weller, was never so correct as in his views respecting the value of an alibi.

“Of course you know Cap swore an alibi for you against that suspicion Conrad tried to head your way,” she stated a bit anxiously.

But, unhappily, each alibi would have been almost equally compromising.

Later the doctor was able to prove an alibi which cannot be shaken.

I should often be very much puzzled to prove an alibi of two Days.

An alibi is always a suspected defense, and by no man was ever more suspiciously watched than by this judge.

The alibi was believed, and the prisoner, after a trial which lasted a whole day, was acquitted.

The latest device which my acquaintance with courts has brought to my knowledge is an alibi of a very refined and subtle nature.

I left such an ingenious alibi, that I defy anybody to prove that I have been absent from my house at Vesinet.