Exonerating [verb]

Definition of Exonerating:

excuse, clear of responsibility or blame

Synonyms of Exonerating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exonerating:

Sentence/Example of Exonerating:

Advocates say some exonerated prisoners never bothered, because the process seemed so unpredictable.

Particularly the knee-length boot grabbing the attention of many which infuses artwork by recently exonerated artist Richard Phillips.

Then, after eight tough years, the inspector general exonerated Jefferson.

While the ruling came more or less on a technicality, and Man City has certainly not been exonerated for cooking its own books, the team can now pretty much do what it wants, and UEFA may not have a leg to stand on for enforcing Financial Fair Play.

I dont think it would exonerate him either with them or with legal functionaries of a higher grade.

Surely, said Rose, the poor childs story faithfully repeated to these men will be sufficient to exonerate him.

And yet, as I look backward on that one bit of smuggling of which I was guilty, so far as motive was involved, I exonerate myself.

As to the people on board the vessel, I exonerated them then, and I exonerate them now, from all blame.

She had not known how to exonerate herself without hurting their feelings, or—telling a lie.

But we must exonerate the mind of England from the charge of abetting this guilty traffic in human misery.