Reviling [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reviling:

Muda Saffir arose in his prahu cursing and reviling the frightened Dyaks.

From this passage has come abundance of reviling of the physical system.

Thus spoke Thersites, reviling Agamemnon, the shepherd of the people.

His use of "raca" and "moreh" for reviling, shows their meaning was not lost upon him.

The boys are usually very bad about reviling each other and about fighting.

Boys and men gather around them spitting at and reviling them.

Was it possible that in that dread hour she was reviling him?

Reviling—or pronouncing execrations and threats—is of two kinds.

Then, pursued by the reviling and hissing of the populace, she had been taken to prison.

Many Jews have lately been punished for reviling the gods of the Babylonians.