Thwarting [verb]

Definition of Thwarting:

stop, hinder

Synonyms of Thwarting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thwarting:

Sentence/Example of Thwarting:

She has been thwarting me for the last hour about everything I want to do.

We're not thwarting Lieutenant Ferry's plan, we're only improving upon it.

“Sir Peter has great faith in annoying and thwarting me,” she went on.

I have been thwarting, deceiving, and betraying you—from conviction.'

They hate me now because I have been instrumental in thwarting them.

A plain warning as to the possibility of thwarting these influences.

For this, or at any rate for some thwarting of his will, he seems never to have forgiven her.

She spoke sharply as was her way when she suspected any thwarting of her will or desire.

If he knew that I am now thwarting them also, he would hunt me to death.

He had the Tartars' lives almost in his grasp, but de Gobignon was thwarting him.