Deluding [verb]

Definition of Deluding:

deceive, fool

Synonyms of Deluding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deluding:


Sentence/Example of Deluding:

Don't delude yourself with the notion that she is sitting down in sackcloth and ashes with her past!

The reader would smile to read the infatuated simple reasons with which the bishop endeavoured to delude the ignorant.

At others, I yield to a fools paradise and delude myself with impossible solutions that deceive me but for an hour.

But, in any case, there is no use to delude ourselves as to what are the real qualifications of Mr. Filipino.

But Isaac was formed in too simple and honest a mould to delude the two women or himself with iridescent dreams of success.

Up to the age of forty he had been able to delude several congregations into a belief in his fitness for the sacred ministry.

Or do you think Luckstone would have permitted him to leave this evidence lying about except to delude us?

The very preparations that were made to delude us contained the evidence of their own clumsy manufacture.

They will delude no one, whilst they serve to show the base nature of the man who utters them.

Although the statement was extremely delusive, I do not say that the gentleman meant to delude by it.