Mousetrap [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mousetrap:

It is a piece of cheese—a piece of cheese in a mousetrap, and we are the little mice.

I'm here, we're here, and you've just provided me with a way out of this mousetrap!

I believe she's equal to catching one of them in a mousetrap if she gets the opportunity!

Each answers what he pleases, as a saucepan, a mousetrap, etc.

When I got there I found that poor Tom was imprisoned in a mousetrap.

A mousetrap is set, for the cats remain at home, and are hungry for their prey.

The players enter and plan with Hamlet the performance of The Mousetrap.

To the left is the "mousetrap," to the right the prison gates.

What the diavolo did you want to go and poke your nose into such a mousetrap for?

It is one thing to say that the mousetrap is not there by accident.