Appeasing [verb]

Definition of Appeasing:

satisfy, pacify

Synonyms of Appeasing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appeasing:

Sentence/Example of Appeasing:

What’s more, the Timberwolves moved heaven and earth to land Russell at the trade deadline in an effort to appease franchise center Karl-Anthony Towns.

By that wording, if the protocol was enforced and Turner not appeased, he should have been isolated and not around coaches, teammates and so on.

Bones of hundreds of llamas had already been found at Tambo Viejo, consistent with Spanish historical accounts of mass llama sacrifices to appease various Inca deities.

At the same time, in an effort to appease right-leaning voters, Ammar Campa-Najjar has really ostracized some of his progressive supporters.

So I did that to appease them but I knew it was a fruitless effort, and as I say in the podcast, that didn’t last very long.

Lee’s memoir is, in many ways, her attempt to appease a phantom homesickness.

I encourage the Council to quickly adopt Expedia Group and Unite Here’s proposal and not squander this opportunity by making small changes to appease the extremes at the cost of losing the majority of us in the middle.

There is no crime which men have not committed in the idea of pleasing the Deity or of appeasing His wrath.

It must be confessed that this system of appeasing discontent by extending the suffrage, has several things to recommend it.

"Well, it is sorta personal and rather abrupt," agreed the midget in an appeasing tone.