Sharing [noun]

Definition of Sharing:


Synonyms of Sharing:

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Sentence/Example of Sharing:

My sharing his compartment had evidently produced an unpleasant impression.

This is news to me, and I sit up, sharing Watty's astonishment.

The little baby also languished, sharing its mother's depressed condition.

Cliff had made some discovery that he was not sharing with his partner.

Perhaps she's afraid of letting him out a little, of sharing him with somebody.

I gave because secretly I realized the hunger I was sharing.

As for the rest, they lived as before, sharing the same bed in the back shop.

It was particularly at this time that he talked of dividing and sharing the riches of the wealthy.

Sharing their suspense for the first time, Eric marvelled at their composure.

So far was More from sharing the popular beliefs of his time.