Participating [verb]

Definition of Participating:

take part in activity

Opposite/Antonyms of Participating:

Sentence/Example of Participating:

"It is a grand scene," said the father, participating in his daughter's vivid enjoyment.

"True," said Lucullus, participating in the sadness of the other.

Participating in its dynamics affects what I am able to see and describe.

I do not charge him with participating in the riot, although the mob were all his friends and partisans.

Frank was standing over to one side, observing but not participating.

In one thrilling rescue I had the distinction of participating.

Flowers said indignantly, "But what's this charge that I'm participating in a subversive—"

I experience the most agreeable satisfaction in participating my happiness with foreign states.

He regards Beowulf and a son of Hunferth as participating 18 in that expedition.

But the two ladies were far from participating in this joyous outlook.