Splitting [verb]

Definition of Splitting:

break up, pull apart

Synonyms of Splitting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splitting:

Sentence/Example of Splitting:

Do not speak so loud, for fear of splitting open the head of Mr. Argan.

There is the fact of the growth of the yeast plant; and there is the fact of the splitting up of the sugar.

"I am sorely afraid of this splitting up the forces," said Meek, doubtfully.

His head was splitting and the taste of blood was in his mouth, but it was nothing serious.

I mean through the splitting of single words into two or even more.

You'll have to tell them what I found out; my head is splitting!

What proof, it will be asked impatiently, is there for the splitting of our personality?

Yes, there was the cache I had made by splitting the pasteboard with my jack-knife.

I remained out of doors and was engaged in splitting wood for my stove.

The Third Reader Class grew conscientious to the splitting of a hair.