Transmitted [verb]

Definition of Transmitted:

communicate, send

Synonyms of Transmitted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transmitted:

Sentence/Example of Transmitted:

You have given new beauties to the charming Ode which you have transmitted to me.

The message was transmitted, and for a moment the judge was fairly mastered by his feelings.

They ordained that nobility should only be transmitted by the women.

Even after divorce the husband's duties continue, and may even be transmitted to his heirs.

Yet the secret, so fearfully guarded, had been transmitted through the ages.

Some of these he transmitted to Spain, where, in course of time, they also shared the same fate.

There did not appear to be time for the numbers of the page and line to be transmitted by time-coding.

It should have been transmitted through my minister, but let that pass.

This right must have been inherent in the mother, else she could not have transmitted it to her son.

No account has been transmitted to us of De Soto's return voyage.