Mail [noun]

Definition of Mail:

written correspondence; system for sending correspondence

Synonyms of Mail:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mail:

Sentence/Example of Mail:

It is unclear how the injunction will impact the mail system.

Throughout summer they were sending us e-mails suggesting there would be some sort of hybrid model where some classes are virtual, some are in person.

California will start proactively mailing ballots to registered voters, joining universal vote-by-mail states such as Colorado.

He has also ordered that ballots be mailed to every registered Golden State voter.

Signature mismatch, when election officials determine the signature on your ballot doesn’t match what they have on file, is another common reason mail-in ballots are rejected.

In some states, voting by mail is a widespread, well-oiled process, but in others it was limited before the pandemic.

Voters in at least nine states have started receiving mail ballot applications or request forms in the mail.

Those states include Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts — all among the 10 states that are proactively mailing ballots applications in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Increasing the number of jurisdictions that use these systems will help assuage voter concerns about ballots being lost in the mail or never arriving.

To be sure, there are valid concerns about the safety of casting your ballot via mail.