Circulating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Circulating:

Both the others pass through N, and show money circulating twice out of bank.

In short, one of the three circuits (Bo Oc Cb) shows money circulating once out of bank.

A savings bank is not a true bank of deposit, providing circulating credit.

The female is viviparous, and produces vast numbers of embryos, which appear in the circulating blood.

But even rich English people do not carry about with them a circulating library assortment of cheque books.

The tubes are horizontal over the fire, the water circulating through them.

The main condensers, with their circulating pumps and air pumps, were placed in the turbine room.

Four gun-metal centrifugal pumps were fitted for circulating water through the condensers.

Information of these events, circulating throughout the world, at length reached the ears of one who now hears me.

A circulating gallery running through the buttresses formed an uninterrupted passage around the building.