Deploying [verb]

Definition of Deploying:

redistribute, station troops or weapons

Synonyms of Deploying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deploying:

Sentence/Example of Deploying:

In some cases, though, app developers may seek to deploy the phone or camera without permission in order to obtain data.

We will need to enable EU companies to get into the pole position developing, deploying and commercializing low-carbon solutions.

That mission would deploy a small probe into the Venusian atmosphere to collect data, although it would likely carry only one instrument, limiting the scope of any resulting research.

Experts, however, have cautioned against deploying an immunization before finishing clinical trials and receiving official approval that it’s safe and effective.

“There is a logic to having an army locally situated in a battleground state, having them up and online and ready to be deployed,” Jamieson said.

Unlike B and T lymphocytes, which take weeks to deploy their high-precision weapons of adaptive immunity, macrophages are like shock troops that rush onto a battleground, waving clubs at all foes.

For instance, it found many Republicans might oppose an attempt to federalize and deploy the National Guard.

Even plain vanilla stock buying attracts legions of math whizzes deploying algorithms they believe will beat the market.

Wing’s primary business is building and deploying a local drone delivery service that works through an app on your phone to allow you to quickly and easily order items from its partner businesses.

I was so busy being mayor that it just filled my days, and then I had this experience as a mayor, I was deployed because I was also a reservist.