Communicating [verb]

Definition of Communicating:

give or exchange information, ideas

Opposite/Antonyms of Communicating:

Sentence/Example of Communicating:

In a hotel in the city of Antwerp, where we stayed for several days, we occupied adjoining bedrooms having a communicating door.

Since that hour there was no possible means of communicating with Lucknow, even though he had reached Allahabad safely.

The well-lighted hall was before her; the dining-room on one side; the library and a small room communicating on the other.

They are quite destitute of the art of drawing, and have no means of communicating their thoughts except by speech.

The power of communicating with one or other of our fellow-prisoners, at all hours, was a great relief to our feelings.

Anyone who studies the ways of the ants sees, beyond a doubt, that they too have a way of communicating with each other.

For fear he should be too quickly found out, he positively inhibited Charles from communicating it to his ministers.

Their language is said to be peculiar to themselves; they are expert in communicating ideas by the system of signs.

Julian, within a week of this interview, was at Martindale Castle, with the view of communicating his purpose.

The stage is the one place where a musician can find constant opportunity and means of communicating with the public.