Conversing [verb]

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The converse was true with young mice, which, like human children, have higher rates of neurogenesis and would be more prone to forgetting what they learned about the maze.

The Patti Smith Group, Blondie and the Ramones had yet to create a vast landfill of torn T-shirts, leather jackets, and Converse high-tops.

I introduced him into the salon, and Mademoiselle, after conversing a little while with Madame, consented to receive him.

When conversing recently with an expert on this subject I asked whether the use of asbestos would not effect the desired object.

Overlook the deficiencies of others when conversing with them, as they may be the results of ignorance, and impossible to correct.

In conversing with professional gentlemen, never question them upon matters connected with their employment.

In conversing with foreigners, if they speak slightingly of the manners of your country, do not retort rudely, or resentfully.

If your neighbor seems disposed to shorten the time by conversing, do not be too hasty in checking him.

When conversing let your knife and fork rest easily upon your plate, even if still in your hand.

Now then if thou sawest her, tell me under what tree thou sawest them conversing together: He said: Under a mastic tree.