Walking [adjective]

Definition of Walking:

on foot

Synonyms of Walking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Walking:


Sentence/Example of Walking:

Uncle Peter did succeed in walking as far as Madison Square.

The day was excessively hot again, and walking was most fatiguing.

"I wish you were entirely independent of Austin," said Viviette, walking with him up the lawn.

Below, on the terrace, Viviette was walking, and she filled his universe.

But Andrew, walking like one dazed, had crossed the room slowly.

And our citizens, all school taught, are walking in the same darkness.

From spats to hat, from walking coat to gloves, everything was perfect of its kind.

Palmer and she walking about, and the boy lying on his hot bed!

They were chiefs, by their way of walking, and one of them had brought his son with him.

Her comely face was slightly flushed, doubtless with the exercise of walking.