Confiding [verb]

Definition of Confiding:

divulge information

Synonyms of Confiding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confiding:

Sentence/Example of Confiding:

Now-a-days it is the bankrupt who flouts, and his too confiding creditors who are jeered and laughed at.

Confiding in the accustomed largess and kindness of your Majesty, we shall say no more.

Confiding these matters to his "Diary" and keeping his own opinion, Mr. Adams passed on to Philadelphia.

Mme. Vauquer gave her every attention, confiding all her own affairs to her.

It made him very unhappy and more chary in future of confiding his plans to his friends.

Instead of being confiding and happy, she seemed listless, forgetful, and nervous.

You are just as confiding—I mean ignorant of people—as you were when you were twelve years old.

This garrison arrived at the moment when the insurgents, confiding on the Governor's promise, were with-drawing.

A confiding friendship followed, and the two men entered at once upon the plan of gaining their liberty.

We are prepared, in a liberal sense and confiding spirit, to improve that institution, and to elevate the tone of education there.