Reminiscing [verb]

Definition of Reminiscing:

go over in one's memory

Synonyms of Reminiscing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reminiscing:

Sentence/Example of Reminiscing:

They fell to reminiscing, and the conversation turned to Billy-Boy.

On my own part, I was only reminiscing upon the travels of this old tea set.

A school friend, reminiscing about Humphrey, told of a walk several of them took one hot day.

They know some of the same people at home and spent an hour reminiscing after dinner.

But thinking, dreaming, reminiscing would not bring it all back for there was only one answer to still the longing: work.

For a long time afterwards she sat dreaming, reminiscing in sweet fancy every word and smile Theodore had given her.

At first I brought my knitting along to pick up at odd moments, such as the times when he gets to reminiscing.

He sat swinging and talking, reminiscing about "the growing up of young Adam," as he put it.