Commiserating [verb]

Definition of Commiserating:

listen to woes of another

Synonyms of Commiserating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commiserating:

Sentence/Example of Commiserating:

There was something actually touching in the commiserating look the attach gave Tony as he turned away and left the room.

"Oh," whimpered Angela, changing her tone at once from helpless accusing rage to pleading, self-commiserating misery.

"Well, well, my honest lad," responded the commiserating and now satisfied officer; don't mind it—nobody wants to harm you.

And casting a commiserating glance at Viviana, she closed the door.

"I was sorry to hear of your disappointment," added she, in a commiserating tone.

The Canadian was philosophically smoking his Indian pipe, while at times taking a commiserating look at the hacendero.

Miss Pratt paid the invalid the tribute of one faintly commiserating glance toward the house.

A commiserating thankfulness swelled in their breasts with each deep, clean inspiration.

He sat down beside Clarence on the sofa, and with a commiserating gesture removed the young man's hands from his pale white face.

But John Knott went on quietly, commiserating her inwardly, yet unswerving in common sense.