Sympathize [verb]

Definition of Sympathize:

feel for, be compassionate

Opposite/Antonyms of Sympathize:

Sentence/Example of Sympathize:

To sympathize with people like that was only to encourage them!

I've been empty too often myself not to sympathize with its condition.

Sir William, in truth, had too much sense to often join or sympathize with these notions.

Their tender hearts will sympathize and aim to alleviate it.

She had one friend, however, who was always ready to sympathize with her.

Depend upon it, my dear, you will sympathize with me when you have seen as much of the world.

Oh, his way of thinking is like yours; he never says anything I can sympathize with.

I begin to sympathize with the boss, because I know what he felt when I ballyragged him for copy.

He has not sufficient finesse and sensitiveness to sympathize with the mob.

Before I sympathize in your pity, my judgment must be convinced that it is reasonable.