Yapping [noun, verb]

Definition of Yapping:

talk a lot

Synonyms of Yapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yapping:


Sentence/Example of Yapping:

Heneage took no more notice of him than he would of a yapping terrier.

Then I laughed as I heard their yapping, and grumbling, and questioning what had become of me.

The yapping and barking of the wolves fell upon an unhearing ear.

He was running and yapping all day and pretty nearly all night.

He saw concentric circles of fists and snow and a yapping dog.

It is a test of the civilized to see and hear, and add no yapping to the spectacle.

The two wolves hovered beyond the firelight, snuffling and yapping.

A small black and white spaniel followed the caleche, yapping.

One of the gray, gaunt portents of death licked, yapping, at his flank.

I was so like a slim young Borzoi yapping at the nose of a bloodhound.