Harping [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Harping:

"Oh, so you are still harping on that string," said the younger sage sadly, for he thought his senior was following an idle dream.

Also, his harping on Withers' possible guilt struck him as absurd when he considered the strength of the case against Perry.

This was a danger, but I did not choose to make it worse by harping on it.

Miss Lucretia's harp; she never played on it now, and harping was out of fashion, so it would not be wanted for Amy.

Instead of looking to a restoration to his throne, I found him always harping on the fear of French invasion.

His ear is deficient in the sense of harmony, and he deafens and disgusts you by harping on one string.

He smiled back sympathetically, but behind it I could see that he was wishing that I'd stop harping on a dead subject.

"And he is really gone—without saying good-by to any of us," said Dopsy, still harping on the departed guest.

The young Transylvanian began to feel this perpetual harping on the same string a little tiresome.

"I can't fathom his motive, Tom," said Richard, harping upon the theme.