Needling [verb]

Definition of Needling:

tease, annoy

Synonyms of Needling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Needling:

Sentence/Example of Needling:

Chewing the scriber and needling his brain, he slowly built up a list of other possibilities.

On and on went the five, needling, pressing at every weak spot, trying to break him down.

He jerked his head up so fast that something in his neck cracked, needling pain up into his temples and forehead.

The chairman explained that the infrequent meetings were used mostly for "needling people and asking for statistics."

Apart from an impression, as a matter of fact you were present and knew she was needling him to purchase an automobile?

And naturally Marina was needling him all the time to buy an automobile.

The results are somewhat similar to those obtained by needling, but the clot formed on the large coil of wire is more extensive.

If ligation is found to be impracticable, the Moore-Corradi method or Macewen's needling may be tried.

Needling or acupuncture consists in piercing the nerve at intervals in the buttock and thigh with long steel needles.