Snickering [verb]

Definition of Snickering:

laugh at mockingly

Synonyms of Snickering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snickering:


Sentence/Example of Snickering:

He isn't going to teach you the sort of lesson you've been snickering about.

There were three other newsmen at the bar, and they gave him snickering greetings.

If you are not harboring evil thoughts, why are you snickering?

And all the while there was continuous laughing and snickering, as if it was great fun.

Youll know after youve seen him, returned Jerry, snickering.

It's just your confounded ignorance that sets you snickering.

Karl was snickering by now, showing that he must have some knowledge of what was to come.

He still heard giggling and snickering, and saw the little hands go away—downstairs, through the hall, outside.

The invisible one was laughing again—giggling and snickering—and all six little hands were pointing at the scissors.

And he thought he could hear the snickering and giggling of the imps who were peering through the windows.