Screeching [verb]

Definition of Screeching:


Synonyms of Screeching:

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Sentence/Example of Screeching:

There was a tremendous snarling and spitting and screeching.

The one called Gramp was screeching invectives at the grinning bystanders.

"Bid them make an end of that screeching," she snapped to vent some of her fierce petulance.

They said he had caused the fire in some way; be that as it may, he was screeching most horribly.

The retreat, I maintained—and I was right—was caused by the screeching of the steam whistle.

His stomach was screeching, and his nerves dancing with high voltages.

Manuel, screeching in a high falsetto, ordered the bonds of his feet to be cut.

The pirate birds were screeching among the leaves of the palms.

It was the voice of Mr. Isidore screeching upon him through the megaphone.

A pull at the whistle, screeching forth its note of victory.