Outcry [noun]

Definition of Outcry:

scream, exclamation

Synonyms of Outcry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outcry:

Sentence/Example of Outcry:

It were a pity, if all this outcry should draw no customers.

Some of us will have to be ashamed of our outcry after our dead.

But there was an outcry, as there has been at every fitting, because I won't wear stays.

Seth made no outcry; he knew what the summons meant, and he was content.

Great was the outcry at this wastefulness, on the part of some of the tax payers.

Stunned by the tragedy, none of the victims had made much of an outcry.

Nor were they alone affected by the outcry from within the prison.

There was no outcry; simply a spurt of blood and brain, and all was over.

She made no outcry as Lieders had dreaded, over his leaving the shop.

There was much noise and outcry, and old Iron sent for his son.