Whispering [adjective]

Definition of Whispering:


Synonyms of Whispering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whispering:

Sentence/Example of Whispering:

Already the inward monitor was whispering to her, "Arise, flee for your life!"

I could not refrain from whispering, "Don't cry—I am alive."

The sergeant was already there, whispering to Colonel Winchester.

Suddenly there was a hum and a stir and a buzz of whispering in the room.

Memories of the past are whispering to him: 'Choose the flower.

A long stream of men, vague, whispering shadows, glided away.

A corporal was shaking me and whispering "Make no noise; mount and fall in."

He sank upon a stump, whispering "That was worse than ten fights."

I understand now his whispering to me that he wished he was dead.

Five were intent on a game of dice, whispering fiercely while they played.