Articulating [verb]

Definition of Articulating:

say clearly, coherently

Synonyms of Articulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Articulating:

Sentence/Example of Articulating:

The articulating telephone was the forerunner of the phonograph and microphone, and led to their discovery.

The sounds were extremely feeble, however, but the transmitting microphones proved the best articulating ones.

The other joints have a few hairs on the articulating margin.

Without these articulating plates, the outline of the rostrum and carina would have been triangular, with the apex upwards.

Christy attempted to speak; but the gag prevented him from articulating, and he could not breathe as freely as usual.

Second, a more or less developed digit free at its extremity and articulating with other bones.

Again Little Cherry Blossom seemed to have difficulty in articulating.

If we wish to read this line well, what must we do besides pronouncing the words correctly and articulating them distinctly?

The true articulatory surface of the bone, that articulating with the os pedis and with the os coronæ, is never affected.

They stopped, doubtful what to make of him, and he rushed up, still gesticulating and articulating wildly.