Connecting [adjective]

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Upon careful inspection, however, delicate nuclear bands connecting the parts can usually be seen.

A connecting rod worked a balance-beam, which worked the air-pump, feed-pump, and plug-rod for moving the valves.

The pack-horses, with no riders at their heels to guide them, had tangled each other in the connecting-rope and stopped.

Am I wrong in connecting this sort of imagination with that which one witnesses in fanatics of religious faith?

In the rotunda, connecting the north and south cell-houses, the Deputy stands at a high desk.

The short steps patter on the bridge connecting the upper rotunda with the cell-house, and pass along the gallery.

Connecting the flanges is a vertical web which may be a solid plate or a system of bracing bars.

For the first time, save when Susan was the connecting-link, he entered into a spiritual relation with Liosha.

On the top of the wall we found a cord running along the outer edge and connecting with a bell in the office of the prison.

East of the kitchen and yard is a narrow passage connecting the peristyle with the garden .