Connective [adjective]

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Sentences become long and involved; dependent clauses abound; connective words and phrases are frequent.

Generally the vowel e in this situation, is a connective, or introduced merely for the sake of euphony.

A nerve consists of a bundle of such tiny axons, bound together by connective tissue.

Special nerve endings, called the tactile corpuscles, are found there, each inclosed in a sheath or capsule of connective tissue.

They are held together with a tough, stringy material called connective tissue.

It is because of its general distribution, and because of its binding various structures together, that it is called connective.

M. Jules Verne must indeed have gained enough by it and its two connective tales to have acquired an island of his own.

There is not the slightest difficulty in distinguishing the connective-tissue cells from the nerve-rudiment.

The dorsal extremities of the muscle-plates form the second source of these connective-tissue cells.

F) is comparable, as far as the connective-tissue is concerned, with the section of Torpedo (Pl.