Relating [verb]

Definition of Relating:

give an account of

Opposite/Antonyms of Relating:

Sentence/Example of Relating:

He had been relating a thrilling adventure with a man-eating tiger.

A most important ruling of the commission is that relating to the pass abuse.

This was cruelty so marked that I could not refrain from relating it.

They were like detached chapters of the story she had just been relating.

As in the case of other laws, let us have a preamble, relating to all this class of crime.

He was relating to the group about him the details of that disaster.

“I am not able to find any provision in the will relating to that,” he answered.

Not the least important information was that relating to punishments of the past.

“Oh hang it,” he exclaimed—in no logical connection with what he had been relating to me.

This occurrence took not more time than I have spent in relating it.