Accessing [verb]

Definition of Accessing:

creep in

Synonyms of Accessing:

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Sentence/Example of Accessing:

For students who have never had access to these opportunities, such programs could begin to erase decades of injustice in the education system.

The fintech is paying a lot for access to Shopify’s merchants.

Another way that those outside of the traditional financial system can be helped by fintech, according to Vosburg, is by using their data to get better access to credit.

Dallas was initially developed as a result of the construction of major railroad lines throughout the area to allow access to cotton, cattle, and later oil.

The less data the media companies can access, the less capable they are of gauging how the various FAST platforms compare and contrast and therefore the less standing they have in their distribution negotiations.

It’s not just individuals who are accessing Coursera either.

The RCEP will lower tariffs, give RCEP members preferential access to the regional market, and lower costs for companies with supply chains across multiple countries in Asia.

Once states began to legalize mobile sports betting, DraftKings and FanDuel already had access to a user base that other competitors didn’t.

Several pharmacists raised concerns that patients who lose access to prescription opioids may turn to street drugs.

Especially in areas where access to electricity is unreliable or missing altogether, there simply are not enough health facilities with the required refrigeration capacity.