Explaining [verb]

Definition of Explaining:

make clear; give a reason for

Opposite/Antonyms of Explaining:

Sentence/Example of Explaining:

The foreman's immense voice, explaining machines and tools, caused physical vibrations in her.

If I can rustle horses I'll send these two boys on home, with a note to the old man explaining how the play came up.

Gordon gave a bitter laugh and went on, with the same strange, serious air of explaining his plan.

He still didn't have the courage to tell her, but sought to make himself known by explaining.

His book is in cold reality nothing but a series of conversations explaining how a socialist commonwealth is supposed to work.

There seems to be no sufficient reason for explaining it by 'necklace' or 'gorget,' as if it were a separable article of attire.

She is explaining a very sad “histoire” to the “type” next to her, intense in the recital of her woes.

He had only reached the dining room of the Leete house, which he was explaining had a white wainscoting when she interrupted him.

It is plain that there are more ways than one of explaining such an oracle.

There seems to be no other way of explaining this account, than that he was a victim of some of the elements.