Deployed [verb]

Definition of Deployed:

redistribute, station troops or weapons

Synonyms of Deployed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deployed:

Sentence/Example of Deployed:

When the main French columns were deployed, Lannes, with the remnant of his indomitable corps, had a brief period of rest.

Two companies deployed over a swamp and went along the beach under cover of the Utah Battery.

His star prevailed everywhere, and the world unseen deployed its strongest forces.

When the Light Division got within long range, they deployed; the men lay down.

Company B was sent forward as a support, but soon deployed as skirmishers.

After retreating some five miles, being pressed sorely by the enemy, two regiments of our brigade were deployed as skirmishers.

The men were widely deployed in front and over a wide extent on both sides far in advance of the moving column.

Deployed lines preserve a general alignment toward the guide, as prescribed in par.

Re├źnforcement to join firing line deployed as skirmishers and occupy existing intervals.

Troops deployed and under fire can not change front, and thus they suffer greatly when enfiladed.