Lenience [noun]

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Lenity is undoubtedly the proper word to use, though both Webster and Worcester do recognize leniency and lenience.

De Wet was once more given his life, and the other rebels were treated with a lenience which nothing but its wisdom could excuse.

I call it criminal lenience on the part of my nephew to allow it, he must have taken leave of his senses!'

Mr. Gould calls this word and lenience "two philological abortions."

He is a son Of our great neighbor, and his death would wound The courtesy of nations that is kept By lenience unabraded.

However, in view of their past record at the Academy, it is the decision of this board to exercise some lenience.

As it happened, this lenience could not have been less fortunately (or, for Grotius, more fortunately) framed.

It should be specially stated that lenience could not and was not extended to the point of fraternisation.

Now there is no human failing upon which we look with more affectionate lenience than that of keeping a diary.

"I dare say she does," admitted Hutchinson, with tender lenience.