Kindliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kindliness:

But it was his kindliness of heart, and above all his innate sense of humour, which appealed most to Peter Ilich.

However, being accustomed to treat every one with kindliness, she asked him gravely whom he wished to see.

She was very fond of the aristocratic, lonely old man with an impulsive kindliness which was deep in her nature.

He went into his room without having shown anything more than a little wonder, a starting curiosity, and much kindliness.

Was it for some grandiose, impossible chimera, that he had taken men from quiet useful lives and the simple round of kindliness?

The forest had become suddenly unfriendly; its kindliness had somehow vanished.

Now, since I had broken my bonds and taken my line it withered again, and I could think of Margaret with a returning kindliness.

The air seems to glow with their wonderful faith and love and kindliness to one another.

I asked, with some vague purpose of showing the Altrurian the kindliness that exists between our upper and lower classes.

A genial kindliness in the one, and a hard unscrupulous determination in the other, worked out nearly the same results.