Forbearance [noun]

Definition of Forbearance:

resisting, avoidance

Synonyms of Forbearance:

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Sentence/Example of Forbearance:

Eviction moratoriums and forbearance on mortgages and student loan payments are also factored in.

“There’s a benefit to everyone taking a deep breath and stepping back and giving the parties a chance to get things back on track,” Devlin said of forbearance agreements.

The mortgages, car loans, and the like no longer covered by forbearance are showing few defaults.

He says that’s mostly because the government’s unprecedented aid to families and businesses, and the banks’ forbearance programs, have delayed defaults for months that would have come far earlier.

On the conference call, Dimon and Piepszak cited that although forbearance has ended for auto and card loans, it’s still allowing customers with $28 billion in mortgages to defer payments.

So far, those lost paychecks have brought relatively few foreclosures, since banks and government bodies that guaranteed the loans have been granting forbearance that, for now, enables folks to keep their homes even if they can’t make payments.

And when wine had unselfed my noble father, you received his passionate insults with forbearance and forgiveness!

I endured his insults until the time came when further forbearance would have been a disgrace, and then I closed with him.

She did not expect much forbearance, but it never occurred to her that things could come to such a terrible pass.

I feel that I can, with confidence, rely upon the magnanimity and forbearance of my patrons, under this state of things.