Impatience [noun]

Definition of Impatience:

inability, unwillingness to wait

Opposite/Antonyms of Impatience:

Sentence/Example of Impatience:

I know that impatience with corporate voice systems is a tiresome, hackneyed gripe.

This time, the impatience was evident on both sides of the aisle.

Film critic Pauline Kael had him replaced as her editor, apparently because he showed impatience with her practice of reading her columns aloud, with a hand cupped to her ear.

I waited three months more, in great impatience, then sent him back to the same post, to see if there might be a reply.

Liszt looked at it, and to her fright and dismay cried out in a fit of impatience, "No, I won't hear it!"

Felipe was so full of impatience to continue his search, that he hardly listened to the Father's words.

But he could not bear the reflection, and with fevered impatience, he hurried through the business of the morning.

Perhaps their course is wiser than that which hot impatience would prompt—nay, I believe it is.

She heard him moving about the room; every sound indicating impatience and irritation.

We awaited with impatience the rising of the sun, which would display to our gaze two of the mightiest powers in Europe.