Suspense [noun]

Definition of Suspense:


Opposite/Antonyms of Suspense:

Sentence/Example of Suspense:

He awaited, in an agony of suspense, the rattle of the musketry.

"Don't keep me in suspense like this," cried the girl in a low but intense voice.

Now that everything had been done, that the last minute of suspense was on, she was depressed.

"It is a long time when it is a year of suspense," said the recluse, shaking his head.

In either way, the certainty must be preferable to the suspense.

It was a moment of suspense, for neither liked the other at first sight.

Anthony was in suspense about the way his fate might arrange itself at Khartum.

The waiting, the loneliness and the suspense were terrible to one so young, and so ambitious.

They would certainly be listening with an anxiety and suspense not less than his.

We all hastened down accordingly, and waited the issue in suspense.