Impetuosity [noun]

Definition of Impetuosity:

nerve, audacity

Opposite/Antonyms of Impetuosity:

Sentence/Example of Impetuosity:

He was a dark-browed, good-looking youngster of nineteen, greatly resembling his mother, but with ten times her impetuosity.

But glorious as his conduct was, his rash impetuosity more than once seriously compromised Napoleon's plans.

But glorious as was his success, his impetuosity soon brought him into further disgrace.

His impetuosity called forth the expression, “He is a fanatic who will lead us to a precipice.”

In their impetuosity they have rushed into the other extreme, and demand for science more than she can rightly claim.

Without the least knowledge of their force, Hobbs instantly gave them a well directed fire, which checked their impetuosity.

She learned to imitate Charley, in curbing his impetuosity; and he chafed less at her soft touch upon the rein.

The eye cannot follow his movements, unless you rein him in and restrain his impetuosity.

The torrent of the mountains had become the river of the plain; romantic impetuosity had changed to classic repose.

Under the influence of a suggestion, he will undertake the accomplishment of certain acts with irresistible impetuosity.