Impulsiveness [noun]

Definition of Impulsiveness:

nerve, audacity

Opposite/Antonyms of Impulsiveness:

Sentence/Example of Impulsiveness:

Compared to kids who got the placebo, those who took omega-3 pills showed improved attention and ability to control their hyperactive, impulsive behavior.

Besides the irritability, impulsiveness is an equally characteristic feature.

She gave it with a heartrending impulsiveness throwing back her head suddenly and leaning her bosom on mine.

Without impulsiveness, his warm and tender sympathies imparted to him an unusual power and influence over other men.

She drew back instantly, and I hastened to repair the blunder my impulsiveness had made.

His impulsiveness keeps him from elaborating his sketches into long novels, such as Spektor and Dienesohn have produced.

At one moment she had seemed to come to me with such impulsiveness; at the next, to be a thousand miles away.

"I am sorry that it has been such a fizzle," she turned to him with a sort of shy, girlish friendliness and impulsiveness.

"Be quiet, and do not interrupt Souwanas," said Minnehaha, who often felt called upon to restrain her brother's impulsiveness.

Kate was learning, in spite of her native impatience and impulsiveness, to be very patient.