Condonation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Condonation:

But scandals, and the contempt for rigid standards their condonation displayed, weren't more than the sharp edge of the trouble.

A stern old lady told her once that such condonation of offenses was unprincipled and immoral.

Swift praised it for its morality, and the Archbishop of Canterbury scored it for its condonation of vice.

It is not because I have pushed the case unduly against James; for that, I am sure of condonation.

Every instance of failure, attended with whatever excuse or condonation, leaves upon us its mark of self-reproach.

I do not think that we asked ourselves questions about approval or disapproval, condemnation or condonation.

There were many things she wanted to say to him at that moment, and, as she suddenly saw, they were all in condonation of herself.

Nurse did not commit herself to any approval or condonation of her mistress's behaviour.

The topic was frivolous and without precedent; moreover, it was unliterary—a heinous offense, difficult of condonation.

He was duly conscious that the act would be in some sort a condonation.