Words [noun]

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The testimony of Pericles, Alcibiades, and Plato, confirmed the truth of his words.

He held Philothea's hand continually, and often spoke to her in words of consolation.

Milza endeavoured, in her own artless way, to soothe the distress her words had excited.

But the first words he uttered showed a total unconsciousness of past events.

Let me hear from your own lips the words that must decide my destiny.

Percival had walked the floor in deep attention to the old man's words.

I am more grateful to you than words can utter—and I will always be glad to do anything for you.

Robert flushed with gratification at the high compliment conveyed in these words.

I am, in other words, an investment from which they expect large returns.

Words are not more than tasteless drapery to obscure their lines.