Upheaval [noun]

Definition of Upheaval:

major change

Synonyms of Upheaval:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upheaval:

Sentence/Example of Upheaval:

This upheaval in the South, according to an investigator, will be helpful to all.

This mass arrest of the Gods is going to cause an upheaval all by itself.

Yet in all the upheaval, there was very little expression of surprise.

Such a wrench, such an upheaval as it had involved, could not but tell upon her immensely.

It is part of the process of Americanization; an upheaval preceding the state of repose.

He regretted nothing at this stage of what had transpired after the upheaval came.

Some mountains, we are told, have originated in an upheaval.

He began to see that a great change and upheaval was unavoidable.

When Mr. Toombs came home in the fall of 1850 he found the State in upheaval.

She felt dazed and giddy as in face of some upheaval, some cataclysm, of nature.