Muteness [noun]

Definition of Muteness:

absence of sound, speech

Synonyms of Muteness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muteness:

Sentence/Example of Muteness:

Rhoda, with a sign, tempered him to muteness, and the three eyed one another.

So, in her muteness, Esther accepts the Brandon God and people as hers.

Fleda paid this statement the homage of a minute's muteness.

Plunged in their discussions, the others were a long while in remarking his muteness.

By these last words Edward Henry was confounded, even to muteness.

One felt her, was repulsed or possessed by her, even in her muteness.

For a day or two he persevered in his muteness, uttering a word only when it could not be avoided.

After a long while I turned around in the muteness of my despair.

The silence became stricken with awe, with the interminable and unanswering awe—the muteness of death.

He was silent; and his muteness spoke the foreboding and dread with which he faced another bitter night in the pines.