Quietus [noun]

Definition of Quietus:


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Sentence/Example of Quietus:

It was in the second of those rooms that I nearly got my quietus.

Now that's impossible, seeing that the night porter got his quietus also.

She felt that "she herself might her quietus make with a bare bodkin."

Which step should I take first—the quietus, of 'curds-and-whey,' or the courtship?

I gave in my account about the sick and wounded, in order to have my quietus.

To see Jake get his quietus from so unexpected a quarter was a tonic in itself.

These ghosts, like the ghosts of Nature's "Laws," are receiving their quietus.

It might be well said that discipline has received its quietus.

Dr. Finishem has given me my quietus, like an honest fellow.

A fracture of the rope or the falling of a piece of rock might give the explorer his quietus.