Stabilize [verb]

Definition of Stabilize:

make or keep in steady state; make resistant to change

Synonyms of Stabilize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stabilize:

Sentence/Example of Stabilize:

Must mingle other atoms with those before they stabilize in our plane.

Yet it is plain that the effect of these dinners was to stabilize prices for steel.

Officials anticipate that the rural population will stabilize and that most future increases will be to the towns and cities.

Scrub on the remainder, however, serves to stabilize the soil of the forest lands against erosion and to slow the runoff of water.

He felt defeated in his attempts to stabilize his impressions.

Trouble was that seemingly nowhere there was any fixed point on which to stabilize the eye.

Fortunately, if you are strong enough, you stabilize on your own.

Zinc oxide is used to brighten a glaze or to stabilize colour.

All these things helped to stabilize the regime of the Manchus.

Could he have simply claimed to have done so in an effort to stabilize his own power?