Poise [noun]

Definition of Poise:

self-composure, dignity

Opposite/Antonyms of Poise:

Sentence/Example of Poise:

But according to Letty he was something superhuman in poise and charm.

They could recover their poise; he with the health of a simple mind, and they as children will.

Pee-wee demanded to know, as soon as he had regained his poise and dignity.

The adjustment is to be accomplished entirely by the poise of the body.

From cock-crow to sun-down the streets resounded with 'Poise your muskets!

Since the death of Strangeways, he had not recovered his poise of soul.

For the first time the youthful caller's poise seemed a trifle shaken.

At nearly every step the body lurched for poise and balance.

Her poise was too perfect to make such a supposition possible.

There is, in the poise of his head and in his eyes, a fierce intolerance.